glance into my crazy mind
glance into my crazy mind
Man we all look so good! :) At @ashviz  and @msingh4986  engament party. Such a beautiful party, can’t wait for the wedding!!! #engamentparty #ashwedsmann2014 #family
Power outage in our neighborhood. We have flashlights and lamps everywhere.  Alyssa: it’s like camping inside our house! Can we just sleep in the floor?!? …. Silly kid!
Loco!!! :)
Loving my crazy!
National pet day!!! :) I love all my babies, I’m even including the German Sheppard that now lives in Mexico but he’s an awesome dog! Yes we are a dog family! #ilovemydogs #yorkies #germansheppard #schnocker #nationalpetday
Mom in the middle, my brothers, and my favorite sister in the whole wide world! I love each of them very much! ♥ We were all so young and man are we a good looking family :) #tbt #summer2009 #natinonalsiblingday #lovemyfamily
"All of a sudden" like @mikiemike7  says!!!!
Im one proud mama! She is one of the smaller girls in the team and playing outfield! However she never complains about practices or games. She gets tired of course but always tries her best. Always is smiling and staying positive. She’s not giving up and is making lots progress! A chatterbox like no other but always manages to make me proud! Love my little softball player! ♥♥♥♥♥ (at West Grove Girls Softball @ Enders Elementary)
The Beach is that way!  Bunch a lunch with my crazy! #lunch #mylove